Regien Slotema

Regien Slotema is an artist with drawing skills naturally given to her by her father.
As a teenager she traveled on her own across the USA and when she came back she decided to study Chemistry instead of going to Art school. Regien worked at a biomedical research plant for 9 years and started making art more and more while she was working at the laboratory.
Art became more imported and Regien decided to develop her artistic talent and started painting fulltime in 2011. Encouraged by many people close to her.
She taught herself by studying historical art from Leonardo Da Vinci, Rembrandt van Rijn and many other great painters in history.

Regien can be introvert, even a little shy, about her work. "Art is so personal. I like the basics of a simple sketch or the colors in a painting. Creating a landscape or a portrait with a pencil is a pure skill. You create the world we live in with only a pencil and piece of paper. I love the simplicity of sketching. "

She has been teaching drawing classes in her own small studio since 2012 . Enjoying the teaching part and seeing people grow in drawing techniques and skills.

Regien is an active person. She is a long distance runner and a (rock) climber. Making art, running or climbing is a pure, a physical and a spiritual activity.